The best way to get your video on the top of google and youtube SEO tricks


Many video formats support metadata attached directly to the file (in-file metadata). This metadata can sometimes be extracted by search engines to better rank and catalog your multimedia content. Additionally it is not lost when a user downloads the file to their computer instead of viewing it on the internet. So there are certain benefits to doing this, but how to go about it? The search engines are becoming more multimedia aware and the more information you can attach to your files means better targeted and higher traffic that will convert into income for you. 1. Right click on the video file you want to change 2. Select Properties 3. Change title under the general tab to a keyword rich title 4. Click on Details Tab and change Title,Subtitle,Rating,Tags,Comments,Directors,producers,writers, content provider,encoded by,author url,promotion url,parental rating Do the same to the picture you will use to replace your custom image. download video and picture to youtube copy and paste article and tags into youteb and your done. For more tips and info about how to rank videos head over to