ThemeMaker Basics Training

In this training, I am going to walk you through ThemeMaker and show all of the different parts to it. We will cover the different pieces inside from the page builder to the template creator.

I will also walk you through adding opt-in forms, securing your websites and a whole lot more. So let’s get started!

ThemeMaker Overview

Inside this training, i am going to give you a walkthrough of exactly what is inside ThemeMaker and all of the pieces we can use to build our WordPress websites.

ThemeMaker Theme Options Panel

The options panel can save us a lot of time because we can set up the defaults our website will use. From the default fonts right the way through to the colors we plan on using.

Rows, Columns & Backgrounds

We are going to go over the basics of adding rows and columns to your pages and posts. Then we will cover adding background images, videos and more.

Page Builder Elements

ThemeMaker features a very powerful page builder. Inside this training i am going to show you the process for creating and editing elements plus you can also grab my cheat sheet below.

Copy & Paste

A really handy feature inside ThemeMaker is the ability to easily copy and paste between pages and posts. This saves you a ton of time let me show you how.


Presets are pre-made rows (content blocks) that we can use when creating our website. We can also create our own to use on other parts of our website. Let me show you how they work.

Save/ Load Pages & Posts

ThemeMaker allows us to easily load pages and posts we have already made so we dont have to keep remaking them over and over again.

Page Embed, Accordions & Tabs

With ThemeMaker we have the ability to embed pages inside other WordPress Pages & Posts and even inside elements such as tabs and accordions.

Responsive Styling Basics

We are going to go over the Responsive Controls inside ThemeMaker so that you know exactly how to make your website look good no matter what device is being used to view it.

ThemeMaker Template Creator

The ThemeMaker Template Creator is what really makes us stand out. Trying to do what this does with any other tool on the market is impossible. This is what gives us the ability to truly create any website we can physically imagine.

Creating & Using Custom Elements

Custom elements allow us to create the exact element we need and use it on any and all of our pages and posts. Then if we ever need to change it all we have to do is update the custom element and it will update globally. This is perfect for banner ads, pricing options and more

Using Short Tags

Instead of typing out your phone number or email etc all over your website you can quickly and easily display it using a short tag. So if you update any of your information in the Theme Options panel it will update every instance using a short tag.

Custom Search, Category, Archive, Tag Pages – Post Loops

ThemeMaker is the only platform on the market that allows you to create and design exactly how your posts show using what we call Post Loops

Newsletter Sign-up (Optin) Forms

There is 2 different ways we can add optin forms inside ThemeMaker. Using a form created using your autoresponder service, or using the Newsletter Widget built into ThemeMaker.

1 Click Theme Import & Export

You can now import and export the themes you create with ThemeMaker in 1 click. I show you exactly how to do it inside this training video.