WordPress Blog Hacked?

Did your WordPress Site Get Hacked?

Wordpress_logo_Malware-Removal-KatooshWordPress is the best and most used content management system (CMS) in the world. However, its popularity means that hackers often target unsuspecting users just like you. If you own a WordPress Hacked Site, we are here to help.

We can clean and update your WordPress Site in 24 hours or less.

WordPress Hacked below are some of the problems we will fix.Google Hacked Site Page Katoosh

  • Compromised ftp credentials
  • Outdated WordPress installation
  • Vulnerable themes and plugins
  • Insecure web hosting and weak passwords
  • Iframe hacks
  • JavaScript hacks
  • Base64 hacks

A hack will have a hugely detrimental effect on your reader base and search engine ranking. This is caused by the insertion of malicious code and the distribution of malware. Not only does this put your readers at risk, it will lead to a drop in rankings, or worse, a complete ban from search engines.

You do not want this to happen and neither do we.

Hacked WordPress Expertise Why Choose Our Services.

We keep up to date with all the skills necessary to clean your hacked site and all the work we do is backed with our expert knowledge.

WordPress security services can be expensive, but we are experts and can help you. We will remove malware from your server & Add Extra security.

We are skilled in dealing with all manner of hacking issues and have the necessary expertise to ensure your website is not only cleaned, but also protected from a similar situation happening in the future. We will review all of your code, files, and plugins to ensure there is no malicious code and make sure that everything is up-to-date with your website to prevent the bad guys from prospering.

Top Priority Service

Try our top priority service that will restore your WordPress website in a day or less, making sure that hackers won’t visit you again.

Our Guarantee

  • We will clean and secure your wordpress website.
  • Update all plugins and remove the red warning page.
  • We will also check the database for more security.
  • We will also provide a clean backup.
  • Fix your Hacked WordPress
  • Use this service & save your business & make site Google Friendly.


$9900 Revisions 5
  • 1


$14900 Revisions 5
  • 1

The copyright-free centuries-old images range from book illustrations to photos, and cover everything from flowers to cycling and children’s books to maps and much much more.

The British Library’s collection of images on Flickr are taken from books it has its collection from the 17th, 18th and 19th Century – so well out of copyright restrictions – They are arranged by theme: such as book covers, cycling, illustrated lettering, comic art, ships or children’s book illustration. There’s also a collection of ‘Highlights’
Click Buttons Below to go to the Flickr British Library Collections


On hold voice messages

If you’ve ever sat on the line while waiting to speak to a customer service representative, you know just how frustrating the whole experience can be. While businesses can’t always ensure callers receive immediate access to representatives, they can minimize awkward silences with the help of telephone voice overs.

The objective of the on hold message is to make your customers aware of all the services that your company provides. Some customers might not be aware of the range of services and or products you offer. The message can also reassure the customer that they have called the right place and will be taken care of in a timely correct manner.

We can provide custom phone messages in a variety of voices, male/female/child and even in different accents and languages.

Services start at $99.00

Or perhaps you would like a professional answering machine message for your after hours voice mail capture system. Here is another opportunity to make your customer aware of your services before asking them to leave a voicemail.

Either way we can help you achieve this goal for your company.

Some of the devices we recommend that you use for this application.

Altaworx Hosted PBX (also known as Hosted VoIP) utilizes cloud technology and Yealink desk phones to improve out-of-date phone systems. Experience high-definition voice quality, data services, collaboration tools, mobility, contact center functions, along with advanced calling features across all of your business locations.

Please make sure that the device you have chosen is compatible with your phone/PABX system before you order. If you are not sure you can contact your phone system provider for more details.

OHP 8000 USB Flash Drive Digital

The OHP 8000 suitable for background music, storecasting & music/message on-hold applications. Specially suited for PBX and Key telephone system installations. Just power it up and connect to the audio input of your phone system and your ready to go!

The OHP 8000 features an ordinary USB flash drive operation, for easy transfer of audio content from PC/Mac to the player. The OHP 8000 includes an 128 MB USB flash drive for nearly 3 hours of playback.

Works with Cspire VOIP phone systems and most PABX and phone line systems.

Click HERE to buy on click on picture to left

Below Is A List Of Voice Over Artists


Voice Over Pete

Over 1500+ productions! Professional Video/Website Presentations & Spokesman plus Voice-Overs. Specializing in 100% Satisfaction! TV, Video, Video Games, Radio, YouTube & Phone Greetings.  Friendly, fast, creative and professional.


Voice Over Mary

Hello, my name is Mary Featured in the Atlanta Get Connected Film Festival. I am  an experienced voice over personality with a multidimensional smooth sound. My voice has been described as a warm, professional, and conversational. I specialize  in providing  my clients with a warm, smooth, light, professional sound.


Voice Over Mary

I’ve been working in radio and doing voice over work for over 20 years! Wow I can’t believe i just said that…but it’s true! I have a happy, energetic, conversational and friendly sound that appeals to women as well as men. You can hear me all over the US and in Canada.


Voice Over Mary

Hello, I’m Andrew.  I’m a 20 year old student studying music and audio. I do voice overs, I especially enjoy doing jobs related to educational purposes and doing character voices for video games.I also do corporate voice overs for voicemail as well as radio advertisements.


Voice Over Mary

I am a veteran Voice Over Pro, Over 36 Years in the Voiceover Industry. I have 1000’s+ of completed projects for TV/Radio, Internet Marketing, YouTube Video Voice, Business Training Tutorials, Narrations, On Hold Message, Voice Mail, White Board Animation, Power Point to Video


Voice Over Mary

A professional major market voice over artist Will record voiceovers of any length for infomercials, voice over for white board  video, YouTube video narration, training videos, radio spots.


Voice Over Mary

I’m a “Hall of Fame” inductee, creator and voice of “Walt Johnson Road Reports,” and retired. It’s wonderful there’s a platform like this where I can do one of my most favorite things. My voice-over and documentary work are featured on Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, History Channel, and TLC.


Voice Over Mary

Experienced radio announcer for over 18 years.  I enjoy bringing your voice talent needs to life quickly and creatively. I am dedicated to your gig’s success. Let’s get started today!


Voice Over Rich

Recording and producing voice overs for on-hold, narration, on-line videos, radio and TV spots; and almost any other kind of voice over you can think of – since 1977 I’m fully equipped to handle your audio and video project from my studio here in the GREAT NW of the USA!


Voice Over Brian

I’m Brian, an American based voice over artist. I have experience recording for film, radio, audio books, phone systems and more! I take a great pride in the quality of my work, and I know you’ll be pleased with the results!

Marketing your product online helps you to connect to more customers and increases your chance of getting in more sales and reaching that online marketing success. However, if you are one of those people who are just starting to venture into this online business you may find it hard to setup a strong base in this market.

Thankfully there are a lot of successful entrepreneurs who are willing to help and share their knowledge to make your online business venture a feat and fruitful one. There are also a lot of options and tips online that you can undertake should you wish to be successful in this field. Below are some tips that you might want to consider when starting your online venture:

As a starter in the business it would be beneficial to have a professional website that is easy to navigate and provide information to customers fast. Having presentable and professional web pages and online accounts also helps an entrepreneur or marketer get better impression from visitors and customers and would likely lead to a beneficial transaction between parties. Checking the current trend in the design industry helps a lot on giving you an idea of what a professional website should look like.

Attend webinars of well-established marketers, attend to as many as you can until you are confident you have learned enough knowledge from them. It doesn’t matter if your field or niche is different as theirs, what matters is that you learn how they deliver their webinars to their audience and how they establish a connection with them. Learning how to deal with customers properly in real-time would help you build a strong connection with them and it makes you provide your message and sales pitch more easily.

Ask expert advice and don’t be afraid to partner with some established marketers. There are a lot of generous online and offline consultants that are more than willing to share their knowledge to aspiring individuals in the market, don’t be afraid to approach them. Partnering with some of the well-established consultants in the market today does not only benefit you to gain more knowledge from the business but it also helps you get some leads. And leads are important if you wish your business to last long and be successful.

Online marketing and consultancy business requires a lot of time, effort, enough skills and most specially connections if you are still establishing your name. It may not be easy at first but if you get utilize the appropriate tools for your business and acquire the right knowledge things will be a bit easier. Always make connections with new and old individuals in the market, you will learn exciting information and get a better grasp of the business as you move towards imprinting success on your name in the industry.

Did you know there are 25 tested and proven, winning subject lines that practically force people to open and read your emails?

What’s funny, is that they seem to go against everything you may have heard or read about target marketing…

You might think that you want to call out only the folks who are most likely the right match for your offer in order to get the highest conversions. Well, that’s true. But…

When you’re sending emails, it’s a bit of a different game.

It’s been proven that BLIND subjects get more opens.

More opens = more readers

More readers = more sales/signups

That’s essentially it.

Seems too simple to be true, and yet there it is.

Now here are the top 25 Subject Lines:

  1.  hey, open this…
  2.  you must read this now
  3.  check this out
  4.  until midnight.
  5.  so then I said…
  6.  why not?
  7. what could you do with this?
  8. this wasn’t what I imagined…
  9. and here they are…
  10.  if you’re doing this, you’re screwed
  11. congratulations
  12. thank you
  13. Re: until now
  14. RE: your message
  15. Re: reply back to me
  16. when you have it all, except this…
  17. can you believe it?
  18. Re: can you believe this?
  19. I never could do it, until now
  20. well, I tried… (funny story)
  21. RE: you’re missing out
  22. u there? check this out
  23. this rocked my world
  24. you would be surprised…
  25. Re: you will regret not opening this

And there you have it. 25 magical email openers that are sure to get more subscribers clicking out of curiosity to open and read your emails.

The response you get might surprise you. :)

Below are a series of case studies on how to use Facebook to generate income.