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Windows 10 Hack

Here’s something to make life a bit easier if you are using the Windows operating system.

Windows settings are not always easy to find.
However, if you do this you will have everything, and I mean everything, in one single folder:
Windows has a hidden “God Mode” folder. (Yes, it’s true)
It’s a centralized Control Panel for ALL of the operating system settings. To enter God Mode:
Create a new folder anywhere with this exact name.
(copy and paste it, including the “God Mode”):
God Mode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}
The folder icon will magically change to a Control Panel-type icon, and you’ll be able to find all kinds of settings inside.

Why Write A Book

You’re about to learn a completely new model for either starting or enhancing any business – an “Integrated Hybrid Publishing System” that is being embraced by small business owners, NY literary agents, NY Times bestselling authors, experts, speakers, consultants, coaches, CEOs and entrepreneurs – many of whom are hearing about it for the first time.

How to write a book

How to Make [SERIOUS] Money Giving Away Courses

Can you earn $5,000 to $10,00 a month giving away what other marketers sell? Actually, yes!

I love this because it’s simple and will work in a variety of niches.

There’s this gal in the investment market who gives away her course. Mind you, it’s a great course, complete with videos, pdf’s, and a ton of actionable information.

People would pay good money for the course, but she advertises it everywhere for free.

She uses very professional looking ads, banners and landing pages to give away this free system.

All people need to do is hand over their name, email address and physical mailing address.

I suspect she sells her customers’ info to mail order businesses as well, but that’s not where she’s making the money mentioned above.

And of course she’s building her mailing list so she can promote other products, as well.

But again, that’s not where she’s making the money mentioned above.

In order to start investing, people need a trading account. And the trading account she recommends in the course pays her a commission for every person who signs-up… a fairly hefty commission, at that.

This business model could be expanded to many other niches as well. Simply find something that people need – preferably something they pay for on a monthly basis – and then create a product that leads them straight into buying that product or service, and give the product away for free.

No real selling is involved, and you can make not one, but three different income streams simultaneously.


Looking for new ideas for your blog or social media sites?

Here are some tools online that make it easy to find the most recent trending topics.  Finding  the most popular content being published in each of these subject areas can be gathered using these tools. Some of them are free, and others have free limited versions available.

  • Portent: Content idea generator.
  • Google Trends: A new way of displaying trending searches.
  • Buzzsumo: Analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor.
  • Hubspot Blog Topic Generator: Custom blog ideas.
  • Swayy: Discover the most engaging content. Free for 1 dashboard user.
  • Google : Actually provides its own version of presenting trending topics.
  • Twitter Trending: Twitter is one of the top resources for discovering trending content online
  • Quora : It’s a community of people who specialize in their specific fields and industries
  • Reddit: One of the best places to discover trending content around the Internet
  • BuzzFeed Trending: BuzzFeed’s editorial staff makes sure to stay on top of trending news items
  • Facebook Trending: Facebook’s trending sidebar highly valuable resource when trying to figure out what the world is talking about
  • NewsWhip: The platform tracks millions of stories, pictures, and videos every day from more than 100,000 different source
  • Topsy: Gives you social media insight on such things like key influencers, data analytics, and web traffic.
  • What’s Trending: The site shows you content across the Internet that are currently trending.
  • AllTop: AllTop aggregates all of the top news and information in real time

Look at the Image Above Baldwin County District Attorney does not have a secure site.

Have you ever questioned what’s taking place behind the scenes of your very own company’s website?
Online presence is a must when you run a business. If your small company doesn’t have a website, there’s no way you can outshine your competition.
Your website also needs to be secure! And a strong and long password to access your data isn’t quite the definition of security
Installing an SSL certificate though, can guarantee your website is safe. You can safely showcase your services and products, without worrying your sensitive data is being accessed by someone you didn’t authorize!
Today, a beautiful graphic design and a well optimized website aren’t enough to guarantee your clients will trust your brand. You should do whatever you can to ensure your customers both like and trust you as a business.

If you were wondering why SSL certificates are highly recommended, check out at the following 7 important facts every local business owner needs to know.

1. SSL certificates offer a higher level of security.
An SSL certificate serves as a shield. In fancy terms, a Secure Sockets Layer certificate allows the transfer protocol to create a security layer to add end-to-end encryption. In other, and much simple words, SSL certificates simply ensure the data you share between your visitor’s browser and your own server stays secure.
With the online becoming more dangerous with every passing day, reassuring your visitors they’re browsing your actual, real website is vital.

2. When your website is SSL protected, your clients will trust you more.
Once your visitors feel safe to use your website to their advantage, they will immediately feel more secure and comfortable to share their personal information with you. This is vital for you, as a business. Whether your users feel safe to buy your products or simply consent to leave you their email, you’ve managed to create a bond between them and your company. When growing your business is a priority, gaining the trust of your visitors is the n. 1 step towards business success!

3. Your SSL certificate is instantly recognizable.
Speaking of behind the scenes, you should know your extra security layer is instantly recognizable!
If it’s safe or not to buy from your website, your clients will immediately know. They’ll also know immediately whether their email or telephone number will be secure within your database. Installing an SSL certificate on your website implies redirecting HTTP connections to HTTPS. Since visitors will recognize your website as a trusted, reputable source online.

4. An SSL certificate is mandatory if you sell your products online.
Among one of one of the most important facts you really need to know, is an SSL certificate is mandatory if you store sensitive information, for example, your clients’ charge card data! Buying online has become a common habit lately. If you’re offering your clients the possibility to purchase a product directly from the website, you need to install an SSL certificate right away.

5. No website is too small to be hacked.
Often times, small website owners skip installing that extra layer of security. As a business just starting out, you shouldn’t risk the safety of your client’s data, even your website is new! Malware and web crawlers aren’t curious about the age or size of your website. It’s always your customer’s personal data they’re after. Whether you have 10 or 10,000 clients, their sensitive information is equally important.

6. An SSL certificate could boost your website’s rankings.
One great, and quite a useful advantage, is the possible boost in your online search engine rankings! Websites with installed SSL certificates tend to be seen by Google as a trusted source. Therefore, the online search engine’s algorithm could favor your website and push you closer to the top.
Give SSL certificates a serious thought if you were looking for ways to get ahead of your competition. Google prefers to be on the safe side and it rewards its users who help the web be more secure.

7. The cost of an SSL certificate is worth the investment.
SSL certificates don’t come free of charge. Then again, they’re really worth the investment! Every single client counts when you run a small business. And for all the reasons explained above, installing a Secure Sockets Layer certificate will ensure your customers know you respect their safety. The cost of an SSL certificate could be significantly less than the business you might lose. Because of lack of security might cost you a lot more in the long run, turning clients away!

Installing an SSL certificate on your website implies redirecting HTTP connections to HTTPS. And it’s good news for your business! Since visitors will recognize your website as a trusted, reputable source online. Malware and web crawlers aren’t interested in the age or size of your website. Whether you have 10 or 10,000 clients, their sensitive information is equally important.