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Template #7: Shock And Awe

Use with caution. This e-mail is for when you want to set the dial to ‘overwhelming’ and have your list gasping from the shock. They will be stunned. They will be amazed. And they will click faster than ever.

PLUS You’ll See How These Templates Work ‘On The Battlefield’, With Real-Life Examples

These templates will provide a framework you can use to dramatically speed up your writing.

But if you’re anything like me, you’ll know how useful it is to see not just the framework, but the finished result.

So as well as the templates, I’ve included a set of e-mails I’ve written using them. E-mails that I actually sent, from my own archives. So there’s no ‘a good e-mail might look a bit like this…’ rubbish. A good e-mail will look EXACTLY like what I’ll show you.

Template #4: The Sexy Stapler

Ever noticed how some adverts sell products by putting someone pretty next to them? Seems it doesn’t even matter what the product is… and in truth, it really doesn’t. This template lets you use exactly the same trick in your own e-mails… and you won’t need to hire a supermodel to do it.

Template #5: The Double Barrel

What’s the best way to make more money out of a successful promo? Easy: hit it again. And when you hit it, use this template. It can follow any e-mail you like, keep your list happy (so no complaints you’ve mailed the same thing twice) and still drive a ton of high-converting clicks.

Template #6: The Better Mousetrap

Nothing is as interesting as something that’s NEW. Everyone wants to have the latest gadget (you’ve seen those queues outside the Apple store on launch day, right?)

This template taps directly into the part of the brain that’s looking for the next big thing, and pulls hundreds of clicks as a result.

Template #1: Old Faithful

When this book is on your shelf, you’ll have seven different templates to use… but if I’m honest, you could just use this one. It works for any product, in any niche, and it’ll create a click-pulling e-mail fast.

Tip: If you’re ever unsure which template to use, go for this one. I use it for 4 out of 5 e-mails, and it pulls every time.

Template #2: The Mystery of the SEO Giraffe

Use a ‘wrapped present’ trick to get your prospects desperate to find out what’s on the other side of the link… and the example will show you how I got one of my highest click counts ever, by lying about a giraffe.

Template #3: Sun Tzu Says So

This template shows you how to hijack authority from anyone you want… even if they’re not in your niche. The example here shows you how I made 100 sales by quoting Sun Tzu. Yep, that Chinese general’s been dead for centuries and he’s still making sales for me.