Did you know there are 25 tested and proven, winning subject lines that practically force people to open and read your emails?

What’s funny, is that they seem to go against everything you may have heard or read about target marketing…

You might think that you want to call out only the folks who are most likely the right match for your offer in order to get the highest conversions. Well, that’s true. But…

When you’re sending emails, it’s a bit of a different game.

It’s been proven that BLIND subjects get more opens.

More opens = more readers

More readers = more sales/signups

That’s essentially it.

Seems too simple to be true, and yet there it is.

Now here are the top 25 Subject Lines:

  1.  hey, open this…
  2.  you must read this now
  3.  check this out
  4.  until midnight.
  5.  so then I said…
  6.  why not?
  7. what could you do with this?
  8. this wasn’t what I imagined…
  9. and here they are…
  10.  if you’re doing this, you’re screwed
  11. congratulations
  12. thank you
  13. Re: until now
  14. RE: your message
  15. Re: reply back to me
  16. when you have it all, except this…
  17. can you believe it?
  18. Re: can you believe this?
  19. I never could do it, until now
  20. well, I tried… (funny story)
  21. RE: you’re missing out
  22. u there? check this out
  23. this rocked my world
  24. you would be surprised…
  25. Re: you will regret not opening this

And there you have it. 25 magical email openers that are sure to get more subscribers clicking out of curiosity to open and read your emails.

The response you get might surprise you. :)